The Class Soundtrack is Coming – and the Cover Art is Actually GORGEOUS

Composer, Blair Mowat has teased it for some months, but now we’ve finally got a taste of the Class soundtrack, to be issued on CD and limited edition vinyl… and we’re very impressed!

Fandom has remained fairly split about the 2016 Doctor Who spin-off, Class, but the cover art (above) for the vinyl soundtrack is a thing of beauty. Viewers may recall that the scores for the series were great too, so we look forward to this release, although the actual contents are as yet unknown.

The artwork shows Charlie, April, Ram, Tanya, Matteusz, and Miss Quill facing up to the smoky Shadowkin, as an asteroid hurtles towards them and the Dragon edges away. The piece is apparently by Jonny Eveson.

At the time of writing, it appears that the art will only grace the cover of the vinyl release, with the CD instead having the Class photo that was used on much of the show’s promotional material. Fortunately, both CD and vinyl boast an additional disc; however, again, we don’t quite know what it’ll contain.

Mowat, who previously noted that he had to cut 250 minutes of music down to just 79 minutes for the soundtrack, has also worked on the upcoming Big Finish Class sets, and teases that the score for those CDs have been saved for potential merchandise in the future.

Class seemed like a series with untapped potential, but it appears its legacy could be greater than most predicted.

The Class soundtrack is due for release soon, so while you can’t yet pre-order it, you can sign up to learn more when the time comes. And as ever, the DWC will keep you updated!