An All-Star Doctor Who Line-Up Headlines the London Film and Comic Con 2018

Doctor Who fans are in for a treat this coming weekend because the London Film and Comic Con boasts a huge array of stars, notably six (or arguably seven) Doctors!

Of special interest are: Tom Baker, Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi. Sadly, Sylvester McCoy has had to cancel his appearance, but there’s a further Doctor on hand – David Bradley, who played the First Doctor in Twice Upon A Time, plus Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and William Hartnell in the 2013 docudrama, An Adventure in Space and Time.

This is really quite a remarkable line-up for the LFCC, especially as Eccleston rarely does conventions – to see him joined by Doctors from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2010s is incredible.

Further Doctor Who stars at the event include Steven Moffat (showrunner, 2010- 17), Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), Bonnie Langford (Mel Bush), Guy Siner (Genesis of the Daleks), Jeremy Bulloch (The Time Warrior), Andrew Cartmel (Script Editor), Shane Rimmer (The Gunfighters), Julian Glover (City of Death), Jimmy Vee (The End of the World), Paul Kaye (Under the Lake/ Before the Flood), Tim McInnerny (Planet of the Ood), Richard Wilson (The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances), and Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith).

Sneak peek of the print by Giorgia Sposito, available exclusively at the LFCC.

Plus, of course, this is as much a celebration of comics as TV and film, so you could also meet Giorgia Sposito and Arianna Florean (Titan’s The Tenth Doctor), Simon Myers (Titan Comics’ cover artist), and Rachael Stott (Twelfth Doctor), alongside many more! The venue is, of course, immense, so if you see any of them, be sure to go and say hello – we’re certain feedback and appreciation for their work will be gratefully received.

Other guests include Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Ebony Maw in Avengers: Infinity War), Caroline Munro (James Bond), Tony Robinson (Blackadder), Aiden Turner (Poldark), Amber Rose Revah (The Punisher), Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Mark Buckingham (Fables), and Kim Hartman (‘Allo ‘Allo).

All guests charge for autographs and photos; be aware that not all guests are appearing every day.

The 2018 London Film and Comic Con takes place in Olympia, London (duh), 27th- 29th July 2018.