Doctor Who Magazine Subscribers to get Exclusive Text-Free Covers

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is something of an important milestone: from now on, subscribers will receive text-free covers meaning they get to enjoy uncluttered designs and photoshoots!

DWM #528 is the first issue with a textless cover, displaying Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor in a brand new image; however, if you’ve not subscribed yet, you’re too late for this particular edition – however, all subscribers in future will solely get the text-free versions.

This is becoming quite a common practice for magazines, giving an added incentive for people to get their issues directly from the publishers.

Panini warns that, in some instances, covers will feature text, but this will be a rarity and most often when the issue comes in a polybag.

So what if you don’t want to subscribe (for this writer, post always gets damaged, making this a pointless exercise) or want a teaser of the text-less covers? Fortunately, the digital copies of DWM will come with both versions of the front – albeit it a cover with blurb with the other as the last page.

Doctor Who Magazine #528 includes details of on-location filming for Doctor Who Series 11; plus articles on cosplaying the Seventh Doctor; IDW’s comics; and Lee Binding’s Doctor Who – The Collection: Season 12 art.

Has this tempted you into subscribing? Maybe you’d prefer a cover advertising what’s inside? Let us know in the comments below!