Series 11 Will Feature Characters From Across The LGBTQ+ Spectrum

The modern incarnation of Doctor Who has always been blessed with interesting, engaging characters from across the LGBT+ spectrum and, given the new series commitment to equality and diversity, Jodie Whittaker’s debut run as the Doctor will be no different.

Speaking to Digital Spy, showrunner Chris Chibnall and executive producer Matt Strevens confirmed that the new series will follow in the tradition of regular LGBTQ+ characters like Captain Jack Harkness and Bill Potts, played by John Barrowman and Pearl Mackie respectively, and tell time travelling stories featuring LGBT+ characters.

Talking about representation, Matt Strevens said:

“Since the show came back in 2005, I think Doctor Who has been amazing at blurring the edges of sexuality and being quite gender fluid about the characters and relationships.”

Strevens went on to say that representation will continue in the new series but it will not be an issue of “in any way”.

He went on to pay tribute to former showrunner Russell T. Davies:

“I’m not going to say if any of our characters are or are not at this point. But it is part, I think, of the DNA that Russell re-imbued into the show…

“There will be characters from across the spectrum.”

Showrunner Chris Chibnall went on to say:

“There are LGBT characters within the show. Obviously, last year we had Bill in the show. [But] in terms of sexuality, it’s often not necessarily a thing you go into in a Doctor Who story…You’ve just got to see how the stories play out!”

At the same press event, the Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker shared her thoughts on being asked what it’s like to play the Doctor as a woman.

She said:

“I think now is the time to show children – boys and girls – that your role models and your heroes on the screen don’t all look the same…I didn’t come into Broadchurch saying, ‘I’m playing Beth Latimer as woman’!

“No one’s saying to Jon Hamm, ‘Did you play [Don Draper in] Mad Men as a man?’ It’s a weird question!”

Doctor Who returns on Sunday 7th October on BBC One.