Jodie Whittaker On The “Depressing” Part Of Being Cast As The Doctor

Jodie Whittaker has revealed what has gotten her down about being cast as the Doctor – and it’s not hard to guess what that one thing might be.

Talking to Stylist about the significance of the Doctor being a woman, she said:

“It’s a moment that’s incredibly important, but also slightly depressing that it’s 2018.

“I want to enjoy it. I mean what a thing, for the rest of my life, for that to be me. But this has got to be the end of it being a big surprise.”

Whittaker went on to elaborate:

“We should look up to characters regardless of their gender…This is hopefully a moment that leads to us realising that we can have female heroes.

“Gravity [the Oscar-winning film starring Sandra Bullock] made millions and millions of dollars; Wonder Woman made millions and millions of dollars. We should look up to characters regardless of their gender.”

Whittaker went on to say that she’s playing an alien and therefore we as an audience shouldn’t limit ourselves to one point of view or to characters that look like us.

She added:

“That’s the future we want. And to realise that having different points of view in a situation is interesting and exciting, not terrifying. And mine isn’t that different. I sometimes feel like being a woman is like talking about being an alien.”

On a lighter note, Whittaker also appears in a brief video reading reactions on Twitter to her casting and, well, it’s kind of enduring – and not in the least bit depressing…

Doctor Who will return with The Woman Who Fell To Earth with Sunday 7th October on BBC One.