BBC Reveal New TARDIS Pictures

Come to Mommy! The BBC have unveiled a brand-new set of photos of the new TARDIS – which was revealed in all its custard cream dispensing glory at the end of The Ghost Monument.

Having redecorated in the Doctor’s absence, the new TARDIS feels like a spiritual cousin to the Ninth/Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS only with crystals instead of coral being the desktop theme; I’m not entirely sold on the new look, there doesn’t seem to be much console in the new console (where are the buttons?) and I was never really a fan of the ‘TARDIS porch’ – I much prefer the magic of literally stepping into another magical dimension rather than hanging around the entrance to a magical dimension.

Anywho, the design concept of using floating walls to suggest a fluid nature to the space and dimensions of the Doctor’s trusty TARDIS is a sound one so maybe it’ll grow on me…I like custard creams…that’s something I guess.

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You can see more of the new TARDIS when Doctor Who returns this Sunday with Rosa at 6:55 pm on BBC One.