Rumour: Doctor Who Series 12 Delayed Until 2020

Rumours suggest that Doctor Who series 12 could be delayed until 2020 with a hold up in the shooting schedule to blame for the series launch date pushed back by several months.

However, the Radio Times and its sources are suggesting that even if shooting doesn’t start until later in the year that doesn’t necessarily mean Jodie Whittaker’s second series as the Thirteenth Doctor will be delayed.

The initial rumour stems from an unknown BBC source who told the Mirror that filming for the new episodes won’t kick off until January 2019, later than the current series began shooting (in late October 2017) and suggesting a shorter or shifted production schedule.

The source told the Mirror:

“It looks far more likely that the next run will air in winter or spring 2020.

“There simply isn’t time to finish filming and get all the editing done before next October. It’s too tight. We’re facing a gap year.”

However, other production sources have told the Radio Times that production on the new series will be underway sooner than the new year, and that no plans have yet been finalised about moving the series 12 episodes into 2020.

The Radio Times source said:

“We go into production next month but it’s much too early to be making scheduling decisions anyway.

“We hadn’t decided when the current series would air when we were filming it – we only decided a few months ago.”

As the Radio Times understands, the production schedule for series 12 may be shorter anyway because a lot of the kinks in production – assembling the behind-the-scenes crew and writers, creating an opening sequence, designing costumes and other props – have already been worked out during pre-production for series 11.

For now, until an airdate is confirmed, or filming begins, this is all speculation – with both cast and showrunner Chris Chibnall remaining non-committal – so we will have to wait and see whether we’ll be Doctor Who free for 2019.