Jodie Whittaker Defends Series 11’s “Topical” Stories

The latest series of Doctor Who hasn’t been afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve, tackling such issues as racism, intolerance and diversity – but some critics have blamed Jodie Whittaker’s debut series socially conscious streak for its declining ratings (although they’re not really declining) and divisiveness.

In her first series, the Thirteenth Doctor has travelled to Birmingham, Alabama in 1955, to witness the first lady of the civil rights movement Rosa Parks refuse to relinquish her seat on a segregated bus, before she moved on to make powerful speech about love while she took on the partition of India in 1947.

However, Whittaker herself has come out fighting, saying Doctor Who is the perfect vessel to address such concerns; drawing on these pivotal moments in history to say something about the present.

Speaking at the Regent Street Christmas lights switch on she told A list (via Metro):

“What’s the point of making a show if it doesn’t reflect society today? We have the opportunity with this show like no other to dip to future, to past, to present, to new worlds and time zones. There is never going to be a drought in the stories you can tell.

“It’s always topical. Chris [Chibnall] is a very present-minded person who is very aware of the world he lives in and is passionate about storytelling. It would be wrong of him to not have used the past. He does it in a really beautiful way.”

Doctor Who continues this Sunday with The Witchfinders at 6:30 pm on BBC One.