Matthew Waterhouse and Annette Badland Headline Stars of Time 2018

A host of Doctor Who stars head to Weston-super-Mare this weekend for the Stars of Time 2018 convention, including Matthew Waterhouse and Annette Badland.

Waterhouse, of course, was Adric, companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, a character who was famously killed off in Earthshock. He’ll also be the first classic companion whose stories all exist on Blu-ray – at least after the release of Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 18!

Badland, meanwhile, played Blon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen, a member of a race from Raxacoricofallapatorius. Her character debuted in Aliens of London/ World War Three then returned for Boom Town. You’ll also know Annette from shows like EastEnders, Man Down, and Wizards Vs. Aliens.

They’re joined by Harry Potter star, Jeff Rawle, who played Plantagenet in Frontios – as well as Mervyn Pinfield in An Adventure in Space and Time and Lionel Harding in The Sarah Jane Adventures. He’s a prolific actor, however, so you’ll also know him from Doc Martin, Hollyoaks, and Spooks.

Further stars attending the convention include Clem So (supporting actor in tales like The Angels Take Manhattan and Deep Breath), Elen Thomas (who’s played various monsters including a Clockwork Droid in The Girl in the Fireplace and a Weeping Angel in Blink), Alan Harris (Terror of the Vervoids), and Harry Potter‘s Josh Herdman.

The Stars of Time 2018 takes place at the Tropicana, on the sea front of Weston-super-Mare, on Sunday 2nd December 2018. Ticket prices are low, but be aware that guests charge between £10 and £20 per autograph. Find out more at the official website.