Coming Soon: Special Editions of Candy Jar Books’ Lethbridge-Stewart Range Titles

If you missed Candy Jar Book’s Lethbridge-Stewart: The HAVOC Files 2 collection the first time around, you’re in luck – because a special edition is to be released in March 2019, alongside reprints of other classic titles from the range.

Originally published in 2016 as a limited print-run, The HAVOC Files 2: Special Edition contains new editions of previous stories, and two short stories available for the first time in print.

Head of Publishing Shaun Russell explains:

“We have often been asked by those who missed The HAVOC Files 2 the first time around if we’d ever reprint it. After much discussion, we decided doing so would present us with a couple of challenges and opportunities. One, at least one story in the original collection was set in the ‘future’ (Ashes of the Inferno), with information that, at the time, hadn’t been locked down. The author of the story in question, Andy Frankham-Allen, realised it would be the perfect chance to update that story so it better fit the narrative revealed since early 2016. Two, another story has since been released as part of a full-length novella, and thus it seemed redundant to print it again in this format. So, faced with this, I made the decision to instead replace it with a couple of short stories only previously available in digital format.”

Range Editor, Andy Frankham-Allen continues:

“We have a few digital-only stories, plus some still unreleased short stories, so we had a fair few to pick from. We decided on James Middleditch’s Piece of Mind, and Chris Thomas’ Vampires of the Night (both originally planned for the cancelled HAVOC Files 5), two vastly different stories, one dealing with Professor Edward Travers, and one dealing with the Brigadier and Sally Wright. Coupled with the chance to fix previous errors that crept into the other stories, The HAVOC Files 2 is quite a different experience now. Still contains everything in the original, but with bonus material for those wishing to double-dip, and loads of fresh material for those who missed the original version. All wrapped up in the wonderful new cover design, with, once again, Adrian Salmon’s brilliant artwork!”

Here’s the blurb: 

Ghosts in Cornwall, zombies in Australia, aliens at Wembley, trouble in Egypt, a siege on the Kent coast, and an investigation into the strange goings on in a small house in Mevagissey, which sees Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers cut down to size. And, much later, the ashes from a destroyed Earth fall on Lethbridge-Stewart and his family.  

Just a few things our heroes have to face in this volume of collected short stories. 

This new revised version of The HAVOC Files 2 contains the original six short stories, plus a new version of Ashes of the Inferno, and two new stories exclusively published in print for the first time.  

‘Piece of Mind’ by James Middleditch. Lethbridge-Stewart and Sally are sent on a retreat with a difference. 

‘Vampires of the Night’ by Chris Thomas. World War II and Professor Travers is called in to help with a deadly experiment on British soldiers. 

The book includes: 

  • ‘Vampires of the Night’ by Chris Thomas 
  • ‘In His Kiss’ by Sue Hampton 
  • ‘House of Giants’ by Rick Cross  
  • ‘The Black Eggs of Khufu’ by Tom Dexter 
  • ‘The Band of Evil’ by Roger J Simmonds & Shaun Russell (updated version of the story) 
  • ‘Piece of Mind’ by James Middleditch 
  • ‘The Playing Dead’ by Adrian Sherlock (updated version of the story) 
  • ‘Ashes of the Inferno’ by Andy Frankham-Allen (new version of the story) 
  • ‘The Lock-In’ by Sarah Groenewegen BEM 
  • ‘Schädengeist’s Lot’ by Jonathan Cooper (interludes from ‘The Showstoppers’) 
  • ‘Exodus from Venus’ by John Peel (original prologue from ‘The Grandfather Infestation’) 

In the DWC’s review of The HAVOC Files 2, we said:

“Topped off with a gorgeous cover by Adrian Salmon (my favourite so far of the range, in fact) that neatly captures many of the stories inside, this is as damn near perfect a collection of short stories as you’re going to get.”

Candy Jar is also releasing updated versions of
The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen and Mutually Assured Domination by Nick Walters. Both books have around 3000 words of bonus material. Naturally, these titles aren’t included in subscription offers.

The HAVOC Files 2: Special Edition is available for pre-order now for £15.00 (+ p&p), and is due for release at the beginning of March 2019.