Katarina Returns Alongside the First and Second Doctors for Big Finish

Katarina, the doomed First Doctor companion who only lasted two serials before being shoved out of an airlock, is returning for Big Finish’s The Early Adventures!

Celebrating 20 years of Doctor Who on audio, Daughter of the Gods by David K Barnes will further see the First and Second Doctors meeting, on a
mission to alter the course of time forever.

When Zoe reattaches an old piece of equipment to the TARDIS console, she, Jamie, and the Doctor are very lucky to avoid a collision. But the place they find themselves in may be even more dangerous – because there they encounter another Doctor, a space pilot called Steven… and a young woman called Katarina who really shouldn’t be there…

Katarina will be played by Ajjaz Awad (Holby City). She was originally played by Adrienne Hill in The Myth Makers and The Daleks’ Master Plan. Unfortunately, only one of the episodes which she starred in still exists. She is, in many ways, “The Lost Companion.”

For Daughter of the Gods, Wendy Padbury is back as Zoe, while Frazer Hines returns to the role of Jamie McCrimmon. Peter Purves also plays Steven Taylor, as well as the First Doctor.

David K Barnes, whose previous Big Finish work is The Dalek Occupation of Winter, says:

“From the beginning, I had so many exciting elements to play with. Contrasting the fun and frolics of the Troughton years with the darker days of the late Hartnell era was something I wanted to get my teeth into, witht he Daleks providing their customary threat. However, I always knew what the core of my story should be. What could possibly bring the two Doctors into conflict, on the opposite sides of a dilemma? It could only be the fate of Katarina…”

Daughter of the Gods joins The Home Guard as part of The Early Adventures Series 6; they’re released in November 2019, priced at £14.99 on CD or £10.99 on download individually.