Julie Hesmondhalgh Compares Russell T. Davies with Chris Chibnall

Kerblam! star, Julie Hesmondhalgh has compared Doctor Who showrunners past and present, in the form of Russell T. Davies and Chris Chibnall, finding that the pair share a “very similar energy”.

Julie has previously worked for Chibnall on the third series of Broadchurch and with Davies on the Channel 4 series, Cucumber from 2015.

Thankfully though, Julie says that the pair share a lot of similarities:

“There is an attention to detail, a love for words and language, that I can see in both their writing. There is a similar sense of humour and a similar sensibility.”

She continued to say that both their works have textured stories lying underneath the dialogue and said of A Very English Scandal:

“There was a very deep message in it, about shame, and about living an honest life and how hiding things leads people to these ridiculous situations, and I think its the same in Chris’ work.”

Julie explains:

“Chibnall and Davies’ have a very similar energy, very avuncular and very smart while not suffering fools gladly.”

David, of course, brought Doctor Who back in 2005 and acted a showrunner until Steven Moffat took over in 2010; while Chibnall acts as the show’s current lead writer and executive producer.

Doctor Who Series 12 is due to air in 2020, while you can enjoy Kerblam! on the Series 11 boxset.