Would Pearl Mackie Return to Play Bill Potts in Doctor Who?

In 2017, the universe fell in love with Bill Potts, companion to the Twelfth Doctor and one of the best characters in Doctor Who. Alas, she only stayed one series of the show – so would actress, Pearl Mackie return to the role?

In a recent interview, she hinted that her time on the TARDIS might not be over forever, but, for the time being, she needs to step away from the character:

“I think I need more time, to be honest. I still feel quite close to Bill. I need to miss her before I want to play her again, you know? I think I need to [do that] and find a way to add to her story before wanting to go back and play her again.”

If it helps, Pearl, we miss her.

Bill was also something of an LGBT icon and was found by her dream girl, Heather (who we’re not calling Wet Heather, thank you very much, Twitter) in The Doctor Falls and travelled on around the universe. This aspect of the role remains important to Mackie.

She says:

“This has happened a few times subsequently, but I’ll always remember when a girl came up to me to say that she identified with Bill so much that it enabled her to come out to her family and without me she wouldn’t have been able to do that. That’s not something that I ever dreamed to do as an actress, but if I’m able to give support, even in a secondary way, to a community that is marginalised then that’s wonderful and that is a fantastic gift to me.”

Pearl is currently starring in the experimental podcast, Forest 404, which we highly recommend.

Would you like to see Bill return? Or is it too late to revive an era that should’ve lasted a few years before Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie departed?