Out Now: Big Finish’s Torchwood – The Green Life

Big Finish’s Torchwood range continues to pit the gang against classic Doctor Who monsters… but this time, they’ve got the Doctor’s former companion, Jo Grant on their side!

Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) takes Jo, played by Katy Manning, back to Llanfairfach, the village which claimed her heart back in The Green Death. Now from Big Finish, comes The Green Life:

Many years ago Jo Grant met Professor Clifford Jones, fell in love and saved the world. It all happened in the idyllic Welsh community of Llanfairfach.

Josephine Jones has come back to Llanfairfach and she finds it a bustling place with a thriving economy. The little town is now at the spearhead of a healthy-eating revolution. And yet, something’s missing. It feels like the heart has gone out of the place.

She falls in with a dashing stranger and realises that although the past was a lot simpler, not everything’s changed. There’s still something nasty in the mine, and it’s been waiting for Jo for a very long time.

Writer, David Llewellyn says it was tough introducing the upbeat Jo to the darker corner of the Doctor Who universe:

“The temptation was to make Jo a more cynical character so that she’d fit in, but then producer James Goss and script editor Scott Handcock steered me back to her appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures, where she’s this ball of energy and exuberance. So then it became more a case of how you create tension and friction and comedy and drama out of that contrast, between Jo’s smiley optimism and Jack’s more pragmatic, hard-nosed approach. That really brought the script to life, I think. Jo is enormous fun to write as a ‘fish out of water’.”

Torchwood: The Green Life is available now priced at £9.99 on CD or £7.99 on download.

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