The Judoon Return for Doctor Who Series 12

The Judoon are returning to face the Thirteenth Doctor during Doctor Who Series 12!

More than 12 years after their debut in Smith and Jones (2007), the rhino-headed, brutish intergalactic police are returning to cause havoc and thrill children and adults alike.

These ruthless enforcers are on a deadly mission: but what for? And why has it brought them to present-day Gloucester? Filming takes place in the city tomorrow and 23rd May 2019, closing Gloucester Cathedral.

The episode will also star two times BAFTA nominee, Neil Stuke (Doctor Foster, Silk, Silent Witness).

Also, they’ve given at least one Judoon a Mohawk. This is like when Rory Williams grew that ponytail.

We don’t know why a publicity shot includes a Judoon with his eye shut, but it feels very William Hartnell, which we definitely approve of. Let’s hope they’re not after Weeping Angels though.

Showrunner, Chris Chibnall said:

“No! Sho! Blo! The Judoon are storming back into Doctor Who in full force, and the streets of Gloucester aren’t safe. If anyone has anything to hide, confess now. The Judoon are taking no prisoners, and will stop at nothing to fulfil their mission! The whole team on Doctor Who are delighted and scared in equal measure to welcome them back: one of many treats we’ve got in store for viewers next series. And we’re over the moon (with Judoon), to be welcoming the wondrous Neil Stuke as guest star. We can’t wait to show you what happens when his path crosses with the Thirteenth Doctor.”

Created by Russell T Davies, the Judoon have previously appeared in episodes like The Stolen Earth, A Good Man Goes to War, and Face the Raven.

Doctor Who Series 12 is set to air in early 2020.