Would Amy’s Choice Writer, Simon Nye Return to Doctor Who?

There are many writers who have only written one episode of Doctor Who, yet proved capable, making you wonder why they’ve never been asked back. There’s Rob Shearman (Dalek), Matt Jones (The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit), and James Moran (The Fires of Pompeii); the Matt Smith era have a number of scribes who only wrote one or two serials like Richard Curtis (Vincent and the Doctor), Neil Cross (The Rings of Akhaten; Hide), and Simon Nye, writer of Amy’s Choice.

The latter has spoken about not coming back to Doctor Who – and, rather surprisingly, he’s actually not too bothered about returning! He says:

“I think my Doctor Who years are over now. I did one Doctor Who and I enjoyed it, but I haven’t watched it for a while… But I was happy to just do that. I know some people come back for more, but I think there’s a lot of us writers who’ve just done one episode and we’re happy with that.”

Amy’s Choice aired in 2010, and proved something of a turning point for Amy Pond (Karen Gillan): it was arguably the episode when she realised how much she loved Rory Williams. And not solely because he was rocking a ponytail.

Nye enthuses:

“It was great to do – and back then, my kids were of an age where we used to watch Doctor Who together and we went down to Cardiff to see the new TARDIS for that series and it was just the most exciting thing.”

Of course, since then, Simon’s had his hands full writing The Durrells, the warm hit show starring Keeley Hawes (Time Heist) and Josh O’Connor (Cold War), which has just finished on ITV.

Would you like to see Nye come back to Doctor Who or are you happy with his being a one-off? Any other writers you’d like back?