The Latest Deluxe Edition of Doctor Who Magazine Comes With an Exclusive Vinyl!

The special deluxe edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out now and comes with an exclusive vinyl of The Evil of the Daleks, the Second Doctor serial designed to see the final end of the Daleks in Doctor Who!

This deluxe edition can be found exclusively in WHSmith stores across the UK, although you can also order a copy from the Panini site.

The 7” vinyl EP, specially created by Demon Records, preempts a vinyl box set of The Evil of the Daleks, which is released on 12 July 2019. This shorter EP includes:


  • Finale of The Evil of the Daleks (without narration)


  • 1. Excerpt from The Evil of the Daleks Episode 1 (repeat broadcast, 8 June 1968)
  • 2. The Final Destruction: Telecine FX Montage A
  • 3. The Final Destruction: Telecine FX Montage A
  • 4. The Final Destruction: Telecine FX Montage A
  • 5. Dalek Voice Session

Editor, Marcus Hearn says:

“I can still hardly believe it. An actual vinyl record – not a flexi disc – as part of the new issue! We’ve worked closely with our friends at Demon on this exclusive EP. I hope it will appeal not just to Doctor Who fans, but to anyone with an interest in the history and development of electronic sound design. We’re thrilled to include an item that has been specially made for us, and feel sure that this limited-edition pressing will become highly collectable.”

Ben Stanley, Head of Product and Marketing at the Demon Music Group, adds:

“This was a great opportunity to partner up with Doctor Who Magazine and promote our forthcoming Evil of the Daleks box set. Those who have already bought The Daleks’ Master Plan, Galaxy 4 or Destiny of the Daleks will know a lot of love has gone into creating these fan-led packages, and The Evil of the Daleks is no different. The 7” features some cool extra content which complements the box set. It will even fit in the box!”

And that’s not all! The deluxe issue also includes:

  • A 28-page supplement about the making of the Thirteenth Doctor’s episodes, packed full of new information and previously unseen pictures.
  • Downloads from BBC Audio and Big Finish.
  • A Doctor Who bookmark.

Find Doctor Who Magazine #539 – The Deluxe Edition, priced £9.99, from WHSmith now.