Freema Agyeman Might Be Returning as Martha Jones for Big Finish

Freema Agyeman could be returning to the role of Martha Jones, the Tenth Doctor’s companion, for the audio company, Big Finish. She at least confirmed that she’s been approached by the company numerous times, and hints that she may be recording something for them.

The actress – who has since appeared in the successful Netflix series, Sense8, as well as the medical drama, New Amsterdamsays:

“Big Finish are brilliant and the stuff they do really fills the timeline gaps for the fandom. I have been asked by them a couple of times but timing wise it hasn’t worked out – I think there might be something coming up soon but I can’t say what.”

Martha debuted in Smith and Jones (2007) and stayed with David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor until Last of the Time Lords (also 2007); Freema returned to the part for three episodes of Torchwood, plus episodes of Doctor Who like The Doctor’s Daughter, Journey’s End (both 2008), and, briefly, The End of Time (2010). She starred in a number of fan-favourite serials including Gridlock, Human Nature/ The Family of Blood, and Blink.

Big Finish celebrates 20 years of officially-licensed Doctor Who audios this year, and have previously released Tenth Doctor stories featuring the Time Lord with Catherine Tate as Donna Noble (in 6 stories) and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler (in 3 adventures).

We’d love for Martha, surely one of the show’s most underrated companions, to return for more tales in the TARDIS, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that schedules line up!