Will Sean Pertwee be in Doctor Who Series 12?

This year would’ve been Jon Pertwee’s 100th birthday, and it sounds as if his son, Sean might be in the next series of Doctor Who, which he says would be an ode to his dad.

The Gotham actor told Doctor Who Magazine:

“I should be careful what I say, but there were noises made about me being involved in some capacity. I would very much like to do that, as an ode to my father, if I was lucky enough to be asked.”

It’s long been mooted that he could play the Third Doctor (the likeness is, after all, startling), but Sean prefers to think outside the box. He adds:

“People will focus on it, because of my relationship with the Doctor Who family, so it would have to be something a little more interesting… an evil son or something weird.”

(William Hartnell previously suggested a Son of Doctor Who idea, which never got off the ground.)

Interestingly – and tragically – Sean was approached to be in Doctor Who Series 9, but had to turn it down due to busy schedules in America. Still, it’s nice to hear he’d love to be involved with the show – and indeed that there are rumblings behind-the-scenes!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed…