Will Doctor Who Series 12 Tackle Climate Change in Episode About Plastic Waste?

Will an episode in Doctor Who Series 12 push another environmentalist message?

It’s that time of year again, when almost nothing is filtering through about the new season and ‘show insiders’ speak ‘exclusively’ to British tabloids. Yesterday’s Daily Mirror has a go, reporting ‘Doctor Who to push eco message by highlighting plastic waste in new episode’. The Mirror reports:

One show insider [who are these people?] revealed: “Last season, the theme was empowerment for women, mirroring what was happening elsewhere in the world.

“This time there will be an effort to get behind the message that what we’re doing is killing our planet.

“Kids are really involved in these environmental issues so it’s a perfect fit for Doctor Who.”

Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor “will wage war on plastic choking the world’s oceans,” the ‘show insider’ says.

While all such leaks have to be taken with a huge sack of salt (when throwing salt over your shoulder, please remember the safety of the Fendahleen behind you), the Mirror’s report does chime in with the liberal/environmental/preachy (delete according to your taste) themes of last season. Who can forget the environmentalist message of Arachnids in the UK, for example? Unlike other ‘leaks’ from the set, the exclusive in the ‘Mirror’ does have the ring of truth.

So – what do you think? Are you looking forward to learning that single use plastics are not cool? Or is Doctor Who not the place for preaching? Or are you just hoping the Autons return soon, pretty please?