Remembrance of the Daleks’ Counter-Measures Team Return in New Books

Remembrance of the Daleks‘ Intrusion Countermeasures Group returns in a new two-book novel, licensed by Ben Aaronovitch, developed by Andy Frankham-Allen and Andrew Cartmel, and written by J Frank Andreas!

The two books begin with Birds of Passage, from Candy Jar Books, publishers of the Lethbridge-Stewart range.

This is the first full-novel appearance of Group Captain Ian Gilmore, Professor Rachel Jensen, and Dr Allison Williams, who form the core of the ICMG. Since their debut in Remembrance, they’ve appeared in a comic adventure written by Seventh Doctor era Script Editor, Andrew Cartmel, and in a series of audio adventures produced by Big Finish – Gilmore even made a cameo in a Lethbridge-Stewart short story in 2015!

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen explains:

“I’ve always loved the characters Ben created for Remembrance, and it was a joy to write for Gilmore in my short story, The Dogs of War. In 2017 I had the pleasure of writing for the full team in a Big Finish adventure, and when the news hit that Big Finish were no longer producing an ongoing series of New Counter Measures (although they have since began producing occasional stories), I saw an opening to bring the team to prose and do something a little different with them. I wanted to take them in a different direction to Big Finish, and so I approached Andrew Cartmel, who remains great friends with Ben Aaronovitch. We quickly secured a deal with Ben, which saw Andrew coming on as executive consultant – meaning he’s involved in developing the stories and character arcs alongside me.” 

Andrew Cartmel says:

“I’m proud of the work I did on Doctor Who, and in particular I’m enormously proud of Remembrance of the Daleks. Thanks to the brilliant writing of Ben Aaronovitch, and performances by a sterling cast, we managed to craft a story which I think stands with the finest in the history of the show and will continue to do so. And, speaking of continuing, it’s a pleasure to know that the characters from Remembrance are enjoying a healthy afterlife in the adventures of the Intrusion Countermeasures Group, now in the form of a new series of novels from Candy Jars books. I’m looking forward to it, and to working with Andy as a consultant on this series.” 

Birds of Passage and Birds of Prey will form one story told over two novels. It’s set in the mid-1970s as Air Marshal Ian Gilmore is all set to enjoy his retirement…. but he’s being targeted by a conspiracy that seeks to discredit him and threatens his family. Bill Bishop, from the Lethbridge-Stewart range, seeks the assistance of Allison Williams when a think-tank disappears – a think-tank that includes his wife, Anne Bishop (nee Travers), and Rachel Gilmore (nee Jensen)! The novels promise to be a series of thrillers akin to the recent bestsellers by Vince Flynn, Steve Cavanagh, and James Swallow. As such they are aimed at a more mature readership than the family-friendly Lethbridge-Stewart range.  

Author, J Frank Andreas says:

“It was a real pleasure to be asked by Candy Jar to bring this hard-hitting story to life. The two Andrews (Frankham-Allen and Cartmel) have come up with a cracking story. I’m very much on board for doing some vastly different to Big Finish, taking the characters in a completely new direction. Hopefully those who love the Big Finish ranges will find something to love here, while people who have never experienced the Countermeasures Group at all, can come in and enjoy the thrill ride and get to know them for the first time!”

The first book is due out in 2020, with the second a year later. However, you can now pre-order either the first title or both for a discounted price. The discount prices are for a limited period only, and then the first book will be full price, and the two-book offer will be a slightly higher price. 

Here’s the blurb for Birds of Passage:

In the 1960s Ian Gilmore led a special military group that dealt with the unusual and the unexplained. Including, occasionally, aliens. They were the Intrusion Countermeasures Group. Eventually it was determined the group was no longer needed, and soon other organisations took their place; like the Fifth Operational Corps and UNIT. 

Almost a decade later, Air Vice Marshal Gilmore is looking forward to his retirement, enjoying life as a father and husband. But a someone is out to discredit him and the work he did, targeting both him and his family! Soon, Gilmore has no choice but to go on the run in an effort to protect his son. Only there is a further complication. 

The think-tank that his wife was involved in has disappeared. Help appears in the form of Major Bill Bishop of the Fifth Operational Corps, and former member of the Intrusion Countermeasures Group, Allison Williams. Together they will attempt to uncover the architects of the conspiracy, and rescue both Gilmore’s and Bishop’s wives; Anne Travers and Rachel Jensen! 

From the creative minds of Andrew Cartmel, Andy Frankham-Allen, and Ben Aaronovitch comes a new thriller series featuring characters originally created for Doctor Who. 

As these books fall outside the Lethbridge-Stewart range, they’re not covered by any subscriptions.

Birds of Passage is currently up for pre-order at the limited discount price of £8.99. (The retail price will be £9.99 in 2020.) Birds of Passage and Birds of Prey are currently up for the limited pre-order bundle price of 2 for £14.