Rare Power of the Daleks Colour Photos Sell for Nearly £7000 at Auction

As DWC reported in May, a set of 21 rare colour images from Patrick Troughton’s debut as the Second Doctor went up for sale this month. But nobody could have predicted how much they’d fetch.

The images come from The Power of the Daleks, which was broadcast during November and December 1966. They were owned by the late production designer and art director, Derek Dodd, who made set plans for The Power of the Daleks and The Wheel in Space.  They feature shots of Troughton, Michael Craze as Ben Jackson, and Pamela Ann Davey as Janley, plus sets and shots of the Daleks.

‘Change, my dear’: A previously surviving tele-snap

The photos were predicted to go for £800 to £1,200 but in the end sold for nearly £7,000. Mark Longley, a specialist and general valuer at the auctioneers, Rosebery’s, said:

The master tapes of all six episodes were erased in the late 1960s, while the copies kept for foreign sales on 16mm film were destroyed in 1974… This group of transparencies were interesting to Dr Who collectors because they showed colour records of the set for the Power of the Daleks, and ultimately showed how vivid the colours were on set, when in fact the programme was filmed and broadcast in black and white.

Animation of the Daleks

The Power of the Daleks was animated in 2016, in both black & white and colour high definition. It’s one of the most pivotal stories in the show’s 56-year history: the moment that could have destroyed Doctor Who forever. Ultimately, this huge weight was borne with virtuoso grace by Troughton: the first of the regenerations that would become the series’ elixir of youth. These photos are a precious keepsake from this lost adventure.

For copyright reasons, we won’t display the auctioned images here, but if you want to see them all you need to do is visit the planet Skaro – sorry, the Daily Mail website – and take a look.