Out Now: A New Ninth Doctor Audio Adventure, Short Trips – Battle Scars

The Ninth Doctor returns in the latest Short Trips adventure from Big Finish… and he’s taking a trip on the Titanic!

Short Trips: Battle Scars by Selim Ulug is out now, on download exclusively from the Big Finish website. Here’s the synopsis:

Nightmarish memories of the Boer War. Crippling debts. An unconscious stranger in the garden. Arthur Daniels is beset with problems. Little does he know that his proposed solution could be the biggest problem of them all: a voyage to America aboard the RMS Titanic. 

You’ll recall this story is alluded to in Rose (2005), the first episode of the revived series and the first to feature Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor.

Ulug, a previous winner of the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity, says:

“It’s a thrill to have the opportunity to write for Big Finish again. In Battle Scars we learn what happens when the Daniels family of Southampton encounter the Doctor. They’re booked to sail on the Titanic, but when you run into the Doctor, unexpected things are sure to happen.  

“In addition to answering the question of why the family stayed behind, I wanted to use this story to explore the impact of war on its participants. The Doctor, after all, was recently in the Time War. Other characters in the story fought in the second Boer War. They’re all looking for ways to move forward.” 

Narrated by Nicholas Briggs, Battle Scars is available now at just £2.99 on download (only) from Big Finish.

And if you purchase a bundle of the Short Trips range, you’ll immediately unlock the previous installments from 2019 as well: The Same Face, Under Odin’s Eye, Doctors and DragonsThe RevisionistsThe Astrea Conspiracy, and Year of the Drex Olympics.