Are the Cybermen Back in Doctor Who Series 12?

It looks like the Cybermen are back for Doctor Who Series 12! There’s been plenty of speculation, but on-location shoots seemingly confirm that the race of cybernetically-augmented humans with no emotions are indeed coming back, this time to face off against the Thirteenth Doctor…

The production team are filming episode 9, and potentially 10, of Series 12 right now, coming to the end of the next run of stories. Shooting is taking place at Nash Point in Wales, and though the return of the Cybermen is yet to be confirmed by the BBC, a passer-by did manage to take a few photos which are very telling.

Their design is new, albeit surely influenced by the Cybus Industries look from 2006 to 2013, and the most recent which debuted in Nightmare in Silver.

Many have suggested their armour is made to resemble that worn by knights in the Medieval era, and likely ties into the wizard-like figures seen on the same site earlier this week. Indeed, Jodie Whittaker (the Thirteenth Doctor) and Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair) have been spotted on location.

The Cybermen first appeared in 1966’s The Tenth Planet and last met the Doctor, in his twelfth incarnation as played by Peter Capaldi, in World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls (2017).

We’re certain the Doctor won’t be happy to see them back. But we are!

How are you feeling about the Cybermen? How about the rumour that Series 12 will feature numerous returning monsters? Is this all whetting your appetite for more Who?