Harry Sullivan is Back in the Latest Short Trips Adventure

The much-loved Fourth Doctor companion, Harry Sullivan (originally played by Ian Marter), returns in the latest Short Trips – so let’s get #HARRYSULLIVAN trending!

The story is narrated by Louise Jameson, who played companion Leela in 1977 and 1978. Here’s the synopsis:

En route to answer the Brigadier’s summons, the TARDIS is dragged off course. The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry find themselves trapped on The Zephyr, a spaceship that is going at full speed and yet is unable to move. With fuel running dangerously low, their only hope lies on Alderasea, a nearby world exclusively for the famous and celebrated.

However, Alderasea has never heard of them and has no intention of letting them land… 

Producer, Alfie Shaw said:

“#HarrySullivan is the very first Harry Sullivan story for Big Finish and I could not be more thrilled! Harry is a character I’ve loved for ages, and as soon as I took over as producer I knew I wanted to do a story with Harry. And luckily when we announced these four releases, it seemed that a lot of people agreed with me! Eddie Robson has created a gem of an adventure, it’s glorious fun from beginning to end.”

Short Trips: #HarrySullivan is available now at just £2.99 on download only from Big Finish.

Or this bundle of the Short Trips range gives you access to the 12 stories from Series 9 for just £30 – including the previous instalments from 2019 as well as #HarrySullivan: Battle Scars, The Same FaceUnder ODIN’s EyeDoctors and DragonsThe Revisionists, The Astrea Conspiracy and Year of the Drex Olympics