Billie Still Sore at Being Dumped on the Shore

Billie Piper has told the Radio Times that she was never truly enamoured with the Doctor abandoning Rose Tyler in Dårlig Ulv Stranden with his Meta-Crisis duplicate at the end of Journey’s End (2008).

Of the blue suit Doctor, Billie says:

“I think it was just his outfit… he wore a t-shirt instead of a tie and shirt, and so somehow I took him less seriously!”

Now we have a chance to find out what Rose was doing in between the Battle of Canary Wharf and fighting her way back to our reality to warn the Doctor that the stars were going out. In Big Finish’s new compilation, Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon, you can listen to 4 new full-cast audio plays: The Endless Night by Jonathan Morris, The Flood by Lisa McMullin, Ghost Machines by A. K. Benedict, and The Last Party on Earth by Matt Fitton. These adventures in parallel worlds include Rose having a reunion (of sorts) with the tragic conspiracy theorist Clive Finch (who we first met in Rose), visiting a world where the rain never stops, before facing Armageddon at a party on the Powell Estate.

Camille Coduri and Billie Piper backstage at Big Finish

The dramas feature Sean Dingwall as Pete Tyler, Camille Coduri as the irrepressible Jackie Tyler, and Mark Benton as Clive. Also featuring are Waleed Akhtar as Mook Jayasundera and Syrus Lowe as Patrice Okereke – close friends of Mickey Smith’s introduced in Russell T. Davies’ novelisation of Rose. We also get the pleasure of Dan ‘Strax’ Starkey in two parts. Which is all good, but what Billie really wants is a dark comedy about her life with the Meta-Crisis Doctor:

“…it can have an element of sci fi but it’s very much about their romantic relationship and what’s happened to them in the time since we’ve left them. Just them cohabiting; their normal environment.”

A Big Finish double CD of this can only be days away but, to hold you until then, you can pre-order Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon, here.