Chris Chibnall: “Doctor Who Series 12 is More Ambitious”

As promotion for Doctor Who Series 12 kicks into gear (what’s that, you’ve already noticed?) showrunner Chris Chibnall has promised ‘bigger moments’ and ‘big risks’ in the coming run of stories.

He says:

“It feels like a step up. It’s probably more ambitious than last year. Scale, storytelling, everything. I would say we are aiming to keep moving forward and up. There are bigger moments this year.”

It’s always a challenge for those involved in the show to talk up a new run and say something interesting without giving too much away, of course, but read between the lines of Chibnall’s comments and there are a few hints that point to differing priorities in his second season in charge.

He adds:

“I think this year we’re developing… so for all the people who are new to Doctor Who we’re going to go ‘Look at the amazing world of Doctor Who, look at all the treats that are in there.’

“So we’re building on last year. There are lots of new faces, a few old faces. There are some things trickling through which might be important. It’s different!

“I think you always need to take new, big risks from a storytelling point of view.”

With the premiere of the Series 12 teaser at the weekend, we now have confirmation of at least two returning villains from previous eras (read James Baldock’s excellent analysis of the trailer if you haven’t already). Could we be in for at least one other surprise return, perhaps?

Elsewhere in the same piece, Radio Times has been chatting to both Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh (they’re busy folks at Radio Times, y’know…), with Jodie promising the new series will be ‘treading new ground’ and Bradders pledging more stunts than last year ‘by a country mile I’d say’.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One in early 2020.