Raise Money to Fight Australian Wildfires with This Thirteenth Doctor Comic

Last Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure of going along to my local comic book shop (as I usually would be anyway, let’s be honest) to meet Australian artist Stewart McKenny. Being located in Brisbane myself, this was a hugely exciting opportunity, and one I did not squander!

I had seen advertised recently a world exclusive cover for the upcoming Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2.1, and I just knew I had to get it. Not only am I an avid comic collector on the best of days, but this cover in particular – while being an Australian exclusive and only having 500 copies available – was also made exclusively for my local store: Comics Etc. And as if to sweeten the deal even more, $5 from every issue sold goes towards much needed fire relief funds. So: support a local artist in a local comic book shop whilst also supporting the fire service and walking away with a sweet signed cover? Sounds like an absolute win to me.

Stewart very graciously appeared in-store for a two-hour signing event the Saturday after the cover was released, and despite actually being out of town in the days prior, I made my way back to Brisbane (with an hour to spare) in order to make sure I got to that signing. Suffice to say, it was great fun. Stewart was a lovely, down-to-earth guy to talk with. We discussed Doctor Who (of course) and how we thought Series 12 was coming along (both loving it a lot), and then about the comic and its incredible cover.

Below you can find a scan I took of the comic in all its glory, and despite how good it does look here, nothing compares to the real thing. You’ll also notice a terrifying dedication in the top right, and the logo for the store it was purchased from in the bottom right directly below that.

As stated, $5 AUD from every issue sold is going straight to the NSW Rural Fire Service, so if this cover catches your eye and you want to help support a good cause (whilst also supporting some local legends), order a copy now! And while you’re there, be sure to look at Stewart’s Detective Comics #1000 cover too – another world exclusive from Comics Etc. and equally as fantastic.

I was also extremely fortunate to acquire some gorgeous (and I really do mean gorgeous) prints of Doctor Who artwork that Stewart has done, including Jodie Whittaker and Matt Smith, which you can check out below, followed by his social media information.

As promised, if you would like to check out some more of Stewart’s work, you can find him on Facebook as well as on Instagram and Twitter (both @stewartmckenny, in case those links don’t work for you), or just by simply going to his website! If you can’t manage to grab a copy of this comic for yourself, be sure to share it around with people you know – exposure is just as important not only for artists, but especially for the crisis happening in Australia right now too.