Cybermen, Judoon, and New Foes in the Doctor Who Series 12 Coming Soon Trailer

The BBC has released a trailer featuring footage from the rest of Doctor Who Series 12: in it, we’re teased with Judoon, Cybermen, and a mysterious foe in the TARDIS played by Ian Gelder (voice of the Remnants in The Ghost Monument, who first mentioned the “Timeless Child” which seems to be a thread throughout Chris Chibnall’s era of the show).

In case you’ve not seen the trailer playing across various BBC channels, check it out now:

“All humanity will fall”, eh?

As promising as seeing the return of well-known foes is Ryan asking Yaz how long they’ll stay with the Doctor, if that’s just their life now. It’s that sort of depth from companions that has, since, now, been sadly missing. Could one or more of the “fam” be outgrowing the Doctor?

You’ll spot plenty of scenes from this Sunday’s episode, Fugitive of the Judoon, but also scenes from Praxeus and the as-yet-untitled episodes 7, 8, and potentially the two-part finale.

Are you sufficiently excited for what’s still to come in Series 12? This Sunday, we reach the halfway point, and it sounds like there are plenty of surprises in store…