Oh, right. Well, I guess you’re here to read all about the fascinating, scandalous gossip behind the making of this site, The Doctor Who Companion.

Well, other than someone leaving the lid off my favourite pen, there’s precious little to tell…apart from that fire…and that brief moment where we deleted Thursday from all of space and time…and that week where a family of hawks moved into the air vents.

No, I’m afraid it’s just a simple story of a band of Doctor Who fans looking for a new platform to share their passion for the greatest television show ever to illuminate a cathode ray.

Founded and edited by Philip Bates and Andrew Reynolds – both of whom worked for many years over at Kasterborous –  DWC was created in 2015 with one very simple ethos; to navigate you through the myriad worlds of Doctor Who with engaging, knowledgeable and sometimes some very silly, content.

But two men doth not a website make.

We’re very much a community here and we’re incredibly proud to showcase some of the finest work by both amateur and professional writers (some of whom have joined us from Kasterborous) – each of which continue to surprise us every day with wonderful, intelligent and, dare we say it, sexy news, reviews, features, opinion pieces and the occasional sonnet (at least I think it’s them? It could be one of the hawks; it would explain the large beak-shaped holes in the parchment)

If you want to get in touch with us, simply send us an email on doctorwhocompanion(at)outlook.com – thanks!