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Reviewed: Titan Comics' Tenth Doctor #2.3

In a world where actors and actresses are always busy, especially in the world of Doctor Who, it’s tricky (and often expensive) to get characters to return for a short cameo.
Where the Doctor Who comics and novels have the upper hand perhaps, is that they have the luxury to tell broader stories of a larger scale featuring multiple returning character with greater ease.
The Tenth Doctor #2.3 or Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook is one such example where the Titan Comic stories for Doctor Who can take advantage of the more flexible options available to them.
Consider this third issue in the Tenth Doctor’s second series of stories as a ‘one shot’; that is, a one off issue that doesn’t necessarily feature regular characters for the series but helps to move the overall plot along in the background. Maybe not essential reading but certainly invaluable in terms of adding flavour and drama to the overall proceedings.
Finding herself back in New York City after an adventure with the Doctor and her best friend Gabby, Cindy Wu has started reading Gabby’s notebook that has been left behind for her, with explanations for Cindy as to who the Doctor is and what the pair get up to. But the notebook has messages for Cindy that are impossible. Messages that portend to doom and land Cindy and others in great danger….
Whilst dealing with the fallout from events of series one, ie. “Year One” of these comics, this is a tender break that deals with those left behind in the Doctor’s life. But rather than the story ending and acting as a coda, it seems clear that this is merely the beginning. Characters are aligning to stand side by side for a far bigger fight based on what happens with this story, And just when things are getting strange, the eerie Mr Ebonite puts in a surprise appearance wanting the tome in Cindy’s possession.
Cue a furious fight followed by a wonderful last minute interjection and a welcome return from a much loved Doctor Who character. Oh, we are in for a treat.
This is a brief, albeit very welcome sojourn that helps to reinforce events that are starting to take place in the Tenth Doctor’s universe, and while next issue looks to return to service as normal – somewhere in time and space – the promise of the Doctor and Gabby’s return to New York is enticing, and we’re sure to revisit the events of this issue pretty soon.
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2.3 is available now, priced $3.99.

Mez Burdett

Reviewed: Titan Comics' Tenth Doctor #2.3

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