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Nicola Walker: Playing Liv Chenka for Big Finish is a "Dream Job"

Anyone who’s seen Unforgotten, Spooks, or Last Tango in Halifax will know how talented Nicola Walker is, and has no doubt lapped up her audio adventures with Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. Fans of Liv Chenka will be relieved to hear Walker describe working for Big Finish as a “dream job,” and assures us that she has a long future with the company.
Walker plays Chenka, companion to McGann’s incarnation of the Time Lord, and she debuted back in 2011’s Robophobia; Liv began regularly appearing from Dark Eyes 2. Nicola says:

“I’ve been doing them for quite a long time now – they’re great and more and more people are listening to them. I’ll do those for as long as they ask me to do them. It’s an absolute pleasure, sort of the dream job – great actors, great directors… and people totally committed to making the work as good as possible, but with an air of real kindness. Yeah, I love them.”

Many of us are clamouring for an Eighth Doctor series on TV – so would Nicola be up for playing Chenka on the small screen? She adds, jovially:

“No, I don’t want to do it! What, wheel me and Paul out on TV? It’s just not going to happen! But the nature of audio gives you, I think, a lot more creative freedom. If you could make telly as good as radio, it would be amazing – audio can do things so easily that television can’t.”

I reckon someone could talk her around. Imagine that – an Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka show, starring two of the brightest stars in the industry! Go on, BBC, you know you want to.
You can catch Nicola in Unforgotten alongside Death in Heaven‘s Sanjeev Bhaskar on ITV1 on Thursdays; the first episode is on ITV Hub now.
For more of her audio work, Doom Coalition 4 comes out in March from Big Finish.

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Nicola Walker: Playing Liv Chenka for Big Finish is a "Dream Job"

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