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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Get Mary's Story from Big Finish Completely Free

Next week, it’s Big Finish Week at The Doctor Who Companion, and to celebrate, we’ve teamed up with the audio company to exclusively offer DWC readers a free download!
Mary’s Story is a self-contained episode pairing Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor with celebrated author, Mary Shelley, played by Julie Cox (Dune; The Oxford Murders), a relationship that proved so popular, the two journeyed together again for three more adventures: The Silver Turk, The Witch from the Well, and Army of Death. Our exclusive offer is valid until the end of Sunday 26th February 2017. The episode also stars Anthony Glennon as Percy Shelley, Robert Forknall as Lord Byron, Ian Hallard as John Polidori, and Katrina Cooke as Claire Clairmont. Written by Jonathan Morris and directed by Nicholas Briggs, here’s what to expect from Mary’s Story:

Switzerland, 1816: at the Villa Diodati, Lord Byron’s house guests tell each other tales to curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart. With a monster on the loose outside, young Mary Shelley isn’t short of inspiration.

Mary’s Story is part of a 2009 title, The Company of Friends, but each of the four episodes can be listened to in isolation, so you can enjoy this download in its entirety without having heard any other stories.
However, if you do want to hear The Company of Friends in full, you can do so at the discounted rate of £6 on CD or £5 as a download as part of Big Finish’s Main Range sales until midday on Monday 20th February 2017. The sale includes titles between 2003 and 2009, so make sure you check it out!

How Can You Claim Mary’s Story as a Free Download?

It couldn’t be simpler. All you do is click on this link (or if you’re having technical issues, type into your address bar). You’ll be directed to this page:

In the appropriate box, type in dwc2017 – that’s all in lower case. You’ll then see this:

After clicking on “FREE DOWNLOAD”, you’ll see:

Clicking on “DOWNLOAD MP3”, Mary’s Story will then download onto your computer as “123-Doctor-Who-The-Company-of-Friends-Marys-Story”.
And then enjoy at your leisure!
But be fast: this offer is only valid until Sunday 26th February 2017.
Thank you to Big Finish for making this possible. And don’t forget to come back to the DWC to enjoy plenty more news and reviews of their titles!

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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Get Mary's Story from Big Finish Completely Free

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