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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: Oxygen?

Something has gone very, very wrong on mining station, Chasm Forge. In a capitalist’s dream, your life is worth less than the oxygen you breath, and the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), and Nardole (Matt Lucas) are faced with the remains of the day.
That was Oxygen, Jamie Mathieson’s fourth script for Doctor Who, and this final for Capaldi’s incarnation of the Time Lord – but what did you think? Considering his previous stories have all been well received, did Mathieson feel the pressure? And did that make him up his game or should this be his last gasp?
You know what I think? I think you should vote in our online poll. Yeah, that’s what I reckon. Then we can tally up the results in an upcoming edition of Sonic Feedback. Go on. You know you want to… (As ever, the options rank them between 1/5 and 5/5, but we’re not boring enough to simply put that.)
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Done? That’s not all. We’d like to know more. Did this episode live up to Series 10 so far? Was Nardole needed? And how great was it to have director, Charles Palmer (Smith and Jones) back?! Again, your opinions will be compiled for Sonic Feedback sometime soon, so we can really gauge what DWC readers think.

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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: Oxygen?

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