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Candy Jar Books Unveil The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book

Candy Jar Books have announced The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book, a brain-teasing selection of trivia from fifty years of the Brigadier’s on-screen life.
Compiled by Mark Jones (author of the recent Lethbridge-Stewart free story United in Blood), the book also includes questions about the Target novels, Big Finish and BBC audio stories, comic strips and the Candy Jar Lethbridge-Stewart novels.
Mark Jones said:
“When Candy Jar asked me to compile The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book I couldn’t wait to get started. The Brigadier is a character that meant a great deal to me and it gave me the chance to watch the UNIT stories over again.”

Like the classic Doctor Who Quiz Books of the 1980s, The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book features over 750 questions on the UNIT era of Doctor Who and beyond. For instance:

  • In the television story The Time Monster what was TOMTIT?
  • Who is attempting to penetrate the Earth’s crust in Inferno?
  • What relation is James Lethbridge-Stewart to the Brigadier?
  • What does UNIT stand for?

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar, is excited about the book:
“I remember a trip to Lyme Regis as a boy where I found a copy of the first Doctor Who Quiz Book. For some reason my local WHSmith did not have this book, which made the discovery even more exciting. I don’t think my sister appreciated it though. Asking me questions on the beach about Doctor Who was not her idea of fun.”
The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book is currently only available from the Candy Jar website, for £8.99 (+ p&p). All pre-orders will receive a free PDF copy The HAVOC Files 1.

Andrew Reynolds

Candy Jar Books Unveil The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book

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