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The DWC Review Team Needs YOU!

Are YOU interesting? Do you have things to say, opinions to express, or views to put across regarding Doctor Who? Do you like to judge writing, acting, and production talent by utilising the power of words? Do you think that most of Mawdryn Undead Part Four makes little to no sense?
If your answer is ‘yes’ to these questions then do we ever have an exciting offer for you!
Come and join The Doctor Who Companion Reviews Team and become a part of what James from Twickenham described as ‘definitely a Doctor Who website’.
You’ll be able to voice your opinions on Big Finish stories, fiction and non-fiction books, comics, and anything else that we get out grubby little protuberances on. Best of all, you’ll get to work with one of the most handsome and intelligent people on the internet, Meredith Burdett.
All you’ll need to do is submit a mini review to us at if you’re interested. No more than 200 words about anything Doctor Who-related you would care to discuss – this is to demonstrate your writing skills, although it might be better if you’re reviewing a product. The successful applicant(s) will then be notified via email.
There’s no pay but working with a team of vigorous young go-getters such as co-founders, Andrew Reynolds and Philip Bates is payment itself. Plus I’m pretty easy on the eyes so you’ll get a signed picture from me if you’re successful in getting the job. (Also: frequent free review copies of stuff.)
Good luck, my dears!

Mez Burdett

The DWC Review Team Needs YOU!

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