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The Next Four Doctors Get a Mr. Men Makeover

The next four Doctors have been unveiled for the fantastically whimsical and cute Dr. Men series – the mash up between the world of Hargreaves and Doctor Who.
Celebrating these two global icons, the next four Doctors are Dr. Third, Dr. Fifth, Dr. Sixth, and Dr. Tenth have each received their own storybook adventure mash-up – i love Dr. Fifth and Dr. Sixth –  in the enduring art style of Roger Hargreaves, which are now written and illustrated by his son Adam Hargreaves.
Of course, you’ll get a chance to meet Dr. Tenth earlier when he gets his own festive adventure with Dr. Tenth: Christmas Surprise which is available to pre-order now for release on the 17th October.
You can see the artwork for the each below.

All four titles are available to pre-order now for £4.99 from Amazon for release in February 2018.

Andrew Reynolds

The Next Four Doctors Get a Mr. Men Makeover

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