Christopher Eccleston Surprises Young Doctor Who Fan in Junior Mastermind Clip

In a recently resurfaced, utter adorable clip, Christopher Eccleston coaches a young Doctor Who fan though the ordeal of the Junior Mastermind final– showing, once again, just how proud he is of the importance of the role of the Doctor.

Eccleston has always said he takes a great deal of professional pride in his time as the Ninth Doctor and it certainly shows in this brief clip (via Digital Spy) of him helping a young Doctor Who fan prepare for his time in the big chair.

The clip comes from 2006, shortly after Eccleston had handed the keys to the TARDIS over to the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

Referring to himself as an “unemployed Time Lord”, Eccleston wishes contestant Sam from Rutland, the “best of luck” and even sits in the famous Mastermind chair to answer a few questions about the Doctor.

Eccleston admits that he was nervous about playing the Doctor and he also confirms that the Doctor “absolutely” fancies companion Rose Tyler, who was played by Billie Piper.

The clip was posted Twitter by @NewWhoView and once again offers a fascinating glimpse of just how Eccleston feels about the show after he had departed.