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Michelle Ryan Will Reprise Her Role as Lady Christina in New Series From Big Finish

Lady Christina de Souza is back!
Michelle Ryan will reprise her role as the thrill-seeking cat burglar, last seen slipping out of the grasp of the long arm of the law and slipping into a flying double decker bus at the end of 2009’s Tenth Doctor special Planet of the Dead, in Big Finish’s new four-part series, The Adventures of Lady Christina, to be released in September.
The new adventures will see her pit her wits against the Slitheen and pair her with none other than Donna Noble’s mother Sylvia (Jacqueline King). Also appearing in the series will be Sam Bishop (Warren Brown) from Big Finish’s UNIT series.
Speaking about reprising the role, Ryan said:
“Being asked to revisit the role of Lady Christina was a very easy decision. Adventure, a sunny climate and mind-boggling scenarios are included in the scripts, everything I remember of my Doctor Who experience.
“Alas no David Tennant, but there’s a host of new characters to help along the way. I love that we get to see a little more of her heart in the stories, that she does care about the greater good whilst also satisfying her curiosity for life.”
The four new adventures are:
It Takes a Thief by John Dorney
Skin Deep by James Goss
Portrait of a Lady by Tim Dawson
Death on the Mile by Donald McLeary
The Adventures of Lady Christina‘s senior producer David Richardson added:
“Lady Christina de Souza was a standout guest character in Doctor Who. When she disappeared off in her flying bus, I wanted to know what happened next – and as it turns out, so did [the character’s creator] Russell T Davies!
“Russell very generously embraced the idea of us giving Lady Christina her own audio spin-off, and Michelle Ryan was delighted about the prospect of returning.”
The Adventures of Lady Christina is available for pre-order now for release in September from Big Finish on CD or download for £23 and £20 respectively.

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Michelle Ryan Will Reprise Her Role as Lady Christina in New Series From Big Finish

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