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Out Now – Big Finish's Short Trip: Erasure

It’s time to head on a trip with Big Finish. Is it a Short Trip? You bet it is!
We’re returning to Gallifrey in Doctor Who Short Trips: Erasure, which sees Narvin (Seán Carlsen) make the ‘trip’ over from Big Finish’s Gallifrey range in this Fourth Doctor and Adric tale, which will change the web of time forever.
The Celestial Intervention Agency, a shadowy, unspoken of part of the Time Lord hierarchy. Beloved and loathed in equal measure by various Presidents and High Councils the millennias over. But they serve a very important function: they keep the time lines safe and clear – they do the darker, dirtier jobs that most Time Lords would prefer not to know even need doing.
CIA Sub-Coordinator Narvin has always taken his oath to uphold the Worshipful Laws of Gallifrey very seriously. But when he is sent on a mission to investigate the planet Bellascon, even he hasn’t reckoned with the force of nature that is the Fourth Doctor, who has – one might say – his own way of dealing with things, and his own views on people like Narvin. But somehow the two must overcome their instincts and work together to stop the web of time being erased forever…

Producer Ian Atkins speaks about bringing the Celestial Intervention Agency to the Short Trips range:
“This all happened because of Seán turning up at the Big Finish office to do a podcast and being a very lovely chap and hinting that Narvin would be great in a Short Trip. Seán has one of the great Big Finish voices, so it didn’t take much persuading! This was slightly unfamiliar territory for me, as I wasn’t overly familiar with the early days of our Gallifrey range (which is when I wanted this set) and so I went to the expert in these matters, Gary Russell. He agreed to write and direct it, and before I knew it I was heading to Cardiff for a hugely enjoyable recording and then a hugely enjoyable lunch.
“Gary may not remember how kind and encouraging he was to a young fanzine editor in 1984, but I’ve never forgotten and it was a delight to work with him in an official capacity, and bring such a clever story to life. And kudos too to the sound designer David Roocroft, who’s done a glorious job in making Narvin’s world so very real – and dangerous!”
Doctor Who Short Trips: Erasure, written by Gary Russell and narrated by Seán Carlsen is available to buy now from Big Finish for £2.99.

Andrew Reynolds

Out Now – Big Finish's Short Trip: Erasure

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