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Fancy Having Tea with Matt Smith and the Cast of The Crown?

As part of this year’s Comic Relief events, Givergy are offering an opportunity for two people to enjoy afternoon tea round Richard Curtis’s place with the cast of Netflix’s hit period drama, The Crown.

Now on the cusp of its third season, The Crown chronicles the life of the British Royal Family, with Claire Foy portraying Queen Elizabeth II and Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, essaying her consort, Prince Philip. The first season, in 2016, was the most expensive series Netflix had ever produced, costing a reported £100 million, and the series has netted critics’ encomiums, a clutch of awards, and 26 Primetime Emmy nominations. It will return for a new run later in the year, with Claire and Matt giving way to Tobias Menzies and little known up-and-comer Olivia Coleman who’ll portray the Royal couple 20 years later.  Olivia confirmed at the Oscars that principal filming had finished in February.

Olivia Coleman and Tobias Menzies

Nor are Matt Smith and Richard Curtis the series’ only Who connections. The show has also given smaller roles to Patrick Ryecart, the insouciant brain surgeon and tea drinker in Mindwarp; John Woodvine, the fanatical Marshal in The Armageddon Factor; and Jo Stone-Fewings, who played amiable mass murderer and the Jack-crush who got away, Davitch Pavale, in Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways.

The winners will enjoy a meet and greet with selected cast members (subject to their availability) and will be furnished with ‘light refreshments.’ They will, however, be expected to get themselves to the venue and pay for any overnight accommodation. For all the details of how to enter the draw, click here. The closing date is Saturday 13th April.

David Traynier

Fancy Having Tea with Matt Smith and the Cast of The Crown?

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