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Have You Pre-Ordered Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 18?

Tom Baker’s final season as the Fourth Doctor will be released on Blu-ray on 18th March 2019 (admittedly after some delays)… but will you be picking it up? Have you pre-ordered the set, or are you waiting for the day of release? Or don’t you intend to buy it at all?

We want to know your thoughts on Doctor Who: The Collection, specifically how tempted you are by Season 18, which collects:

  • The Leisure Hive
  • Meglos
  • Full Circle
  • State Of Decay
  • Warriors’ Gate
  • The Keeper Of Traken
  • Logopolis
  • K9 & Company – A Girl’s Best Friend.

We’re especially interested because, despite not being announced as a Limited Edition set, Amazon has taken Season 18 off sale a few times recently, implying there’s finite stock.

Vote in our poll to tell the DWC if you’re excited about the Blu-ray:

Voted? Marvellous. Thanks. But we’re ravenous beasts who want more, more, more. Tell us why you voted as you did in the comments below.

Philip Bates

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Have You Pre-Ordered Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 18?

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