Peter Capaldi Joins DC’s Suicide Squad Reboot

The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, has been cast in the upcoming DC film, Suicide Squad, directed by Doctor Who fan, James Gunn. This might be the role Capaldi shaved his hair for, as revealed recently at a sci-fi convention – similar to Karen Gillan’s balding revelation in preparation for Guardians of the Galaxy (albeit Capaldi didn’t wear a long ginger wig, much to everyone’s disappointment).

The parallels with Gillan, perhaps, aren’t massively surprising; Gunn invited Karen for an audition to play Nebula, daughter of Thanos, because he enjoyed seeing her as Amy Pond in Doctor Who.

James was briefly dropped from Marvel’s upcoming third Guardians movie, but was swiftly hired by DC to reboot the Suicide Squad franchise (before being rehired for Guardians of the Galaxy again).

No further details have emerged about Capaldi’s part in the film, but we’d love him to hit it big with comic book fans; Doctor Who aficionados already know what an incredible actor he is, so it’d be wonderful if more people got to appreciate his talents.

Capaldi joins Margot Robbie and Jay Courtney, returning as Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang respectively; Idris Elba is apparently also starring in the reboot.

Suicide Squad is due to be released in August 2021.