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James Moran, Tracey Childs, and Francesca Fowler Take Part in The Fires of Pompeii Watch-Along

Tomorrow (17th May 2020), you can join in on the next Doctor Who watch-along event, organised by Emily Cook: The Fires of Pompeii.

Tweeting along to the episode will be writer, James Moran; Francesca Fowler, who played Evelina; and Metella actress, Tracey Childs. The episode, broadcast in April 2008, took the TARDIS to Pompeii on the day Mount Vesuvius erupted, and uncovered an invasion plot by the Pyroviles.

This will be the third joint Tenth Doctor rewatch after Human Nature/ The Family of Blood and The Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End, and so also the second featuring Catherine Tate as Donna Noble.

The Fires of Pompeii, aside from featuring soothsayers whose accurate predictions were pretty incredible, turned out to be surprisingly prophetic as it also starred Peter Capaldi (who’d return as the Twelfth Doctor) and Karen Gillan (Eleventh Doctor companion, Amy Pond). A clip from The Fires of Pompeii would then be used in The Girl Who Died as the Doctor realised why he took that particular face – as a reminder to save who you can.

These lockdown rewatches have been organised by Doctor Who Magazine‘s Emily Cook (who should probably be welcomed into the PR department for the next series!), as a way of bringing fans worldwide together at this difficult time. Previous rewatches included Dalek, The Eleventh Hour, and Heaven Sent.

To take part, press play (on DVDs/Blu-rays, or through streaming services like iPlayer and Netflix)at 7pm (BST) on 17th May 2020 and tweet using the hashtag #VolcanoDay.

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James Moran, Tracey Childs, and Francesca Fowler Take Part in The Fires of Pompeii Watch-Along

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