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Michelle Ryan to Return as Lady Christina de Souza for Big Finish

Lady Christina de Souza will return for a second full-cast audio drama series due for release by Big Finish in July 2021.

First seen on screen in 2009’s Doctor Who story, Planet of the Dead, aristocratic adventurer Christina de Souza made a big impression on the Doctor – but not enough to convince him to take her on as a companion. Not that that’s held her back…

Starring Michelle Ryan (EastEnders, Bionic Woman), Lady Christina Series 2 comprises three new thrill-seeking stories, as the jetsetting action heroine travels to a land down under, discovers historical treasures and grapples with difficult family decisions.

Michelle Ryan said:

“Lady Christina is someone who’s very capable and independent. Like a cat, she does have nine lives, I really think. People seem to really respond to her. 

“It’s so great to put her boots back on, and get back in the studio and have a little play. Everyone’s bringing their A-game. The writing’s really good. I’ve really had a brilliant time.” 

Here’s the synopsis:

Jetsetter, adventurer, and owner of a very unusual London bus, Lady Christina de Souza is travelling the globe and catching up with the rellies. 

First, a treasure hunt with her reprobate father in the Indian Ocean. Then, a flying visit to the Australian outback in search of a lost Great Aunt… 

But Sam Bishop and Jacqui McGee of UNIT are on her trail. As one reunion takes a dangerous turn, Christina has a hard decision to make – for the good of the family!

The three new tales in this series are: 

  • The Wreck by James Goss 
  • Walkabout by Sarah Grochala 
  • Long Shot by John Dorney 

I met Michelle Ryan not too long ago at a convention and she was a real delight – charming, friendly, and bright – so I’m certainly pleased to see this second boxset.

Director Helen Goldwyn said:

“These scripts and these characters are fantastic; really capturing the spirit of the first series but also adding new twists and dimensions. These new stories also do real justice to the multi-layered character of Lady Christina. There’s so much comedy but then there’s also lots of dark, gruesome moments!” 

The series also features guest appearances from Warren Brown (Luther), Tracy Wiles (Intrigo: Samaria), and William Gaminara (Silent Witness). 

Lady Christina 2 is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition box set or download, exclusively from the Big Finish website, from just £16.99.  

Plus, for this one week only, Big Finish listeners can save money by ordering Lady Christina Series 1-2 in a bundle from just £35.00. This discount expires at 23:59 (UK time) on 22 October 2020.

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Michelle Ryan to Return as Lady Christina de Souza for Big Finish

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