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Doctor Who Game, The Edge of Time, Now Lets You Pilot the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ TARDIS

Along with many other entries in the Doctor Who expanded media, Maze Theory’s VR game, The Edge of Time has added its Time Lord Victorious update, including another element to the story that has so far taken over BBC Books, Titan Comics, Eaglemoss Figurines, Big Finish Audios, and many other pieces of spin-off merchandise.

While I’m still hoping that a version of this game will come out where you don’t need a VR headset (and it might convince me to update my console; I’ve still got my trusty old PS3), I did do a trial of this game at Comic Con last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting to step on board the TARDIS was a dream come true. Now with the new update, you can pilot the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ TARDIS.

For anyone who has already completed the game, the new update gives them a reason to play it again, and if you are following the Victorious event, which I’ve been pleasantly surprised by so far, it gives fans a treat with plenty of Easter eggs including using the Tenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and artifacts like the Judgement Stone of the Kotturuh.

This TARDIS was used by the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, making it the first console we saw in 21st Century Doctor Who, so getting to fly around in this TARDIS will be very exciting. And the update is completely free so there really isn’t an excuse to replay the game!

But the new update isn’t the only thing developer Maze Theory has up their sleeves as they’ve just announced a further two Doctor Who games are in development, making a trilogy. The next to be released will be The Lonely Assassins, a game about the Weeping Angels which be able to play on smartphones, for which they are working in partnership with Kaigan Games.

Talking to Games Industry Biz, Maze Theory’s Studio Director, Russ Harding spoke about The Edge of Time and why they decided to make more Who games in the future:

“When we worked on Edge of Time… as you know when you start to delve into the Whoniverse and start to live and breathe it, there’s a lot there. We created such a big scale story that we really wanted to deliver.”

The third game, The Edge of Reality, will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Harding continued:

“The stuff we’re really interested in are these big universes and these sub-stories. It harks back to our philosophy around the evolution of storytelling, and telling stuff in bold new ways on new technologies. We started that in VR, but rapidly we realised with Doctor Who that there are opportunities to explore those in mobile, and in a console game because it can be more expansive. What Who has become is a bit of a proof point for our approach of using different technologies to tell different parts of the story in different ways.”

As Harding puts it, The Edge of Time has proved that Doctor Who can survive on any format just as easily as the on-screen adventures can handle any type of genre you want to mention.

With the two more Doctor Who games and a Peaky Blinders VR outing on the way from Maze Theory, it seems the sky is the limit.

Jordan Shortman

Doctor Who Game, The Edge of Time, Now Lets You Pilot the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ TARDIS

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 2 min
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