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Covers and Details Revealed for Big Finish’s Ninth Doctor Adventures: Lost Warriors

Big Finish has unveiled the covers and episode synopses for the next box set of The Ninth Doctor Adventures, Lost Warriors, which will see Christopher Eccleston’s incarnation of the Time Lord battle the Cybermen for the first time.

This November, the Ninth Doctor faces aliens in a country estate, fights alongside the ‘real’ Lady Macbeth in the Scottish Highlands, and comes face to face with an old enemy on an iconic movie set – an enemy who has great plans of its own… 

The Hunting Season by James Kettle 

Duberry Hall is under siege, as aliens maraud through the estate. It’s a frightful business, and as Lord Hawthorn battles the Fleshkin, the Doctor finds new friends below stairs. Can he convince the household to unite to save itself? 

The Curse of Lady Macbeth by Lizzie Hopley

The TARDIS is drawn to Scotland again – to the troubled Kingdom of Moray, and its Queen Gruach. 

Or, as the Doctor knows her better, Lady Macbeth. While some believe she is the cause of her people’s woes, she may yet become their saviour. 

Monsters In Metropolis by John Dorney

Berlin, 1927. The making of a science fiction legend. But death stalks the film set and history is not what the Doctor expects it to be. 

And this new ‘Machine Man’ is a more terrifying vision of humanity’s future than Fritz Lang had in mind… 

Joining the previously announced Alex Jennings, Annette Badland, Don Gilét, Neve McIntosh, and Nicholas Briggs are Maggie Service (Deep Breath, Good Omens), Allegra Marland (The Crown, Goodbye Christopher Robin), Tilly Steele (The Witchfinders, Victoria), Anthony Howell (Foyle’s War, Space: 1999), David Rintoul (Callan, The Crown), Lucy Goldie (Missy, The Third Doctor Adventures), Nick Wilton (EastEnders, The Eighth Doctor Adventures), Helen Goldwyn (ATA Girl, The War Doctor Begins), Peter Bankolé (Peaky Blinders, Clique), and Raj Ghatak (The Box of Delights, Gho).  

Script editor, Matt Fitton said:

“As the Ninth Doctor travels the universe of time and space, it’s inevitable that he’ll encounter those, like himself, who have seen war and faced conflict – but are now far from the battlefronts. This Doctor is rediscovering his love for adventure and in these stories meets some warriors who may not be what they seem.  

“From the grounds of an English country house, to a Scottish castle, to a movie set – he’ll find monsters and heroes in unlikely places, and will finally face one of his oldest enemies.” 

The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Lost Warriors is available to order now from Big Finish.

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Covers and Details Revealed for Big Finish’s Ninth Doctor Adventures: Lost Warriors

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