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David Tennant Confirms Doctor Who Will Be Bernard Cribbins’ Last TV Performance

Tenth and Fourteenth Doctor actor, David Tennant, has confirmed not only that Wilfred Mott will appear in more than one episode of the 60th anniversary specials, but also that it will be, as suspected, Bernard Cribbins’ last TV performance.

While at last month’s GalaxyCon, Tennant explained:

“‘Can we get Wilfred back? Can grandad be back on set?’ He was getting old and a little bit infirm but he was still full of beans and full of energy.

“And I am thrilled to say that – although very sadly he wasn’t in those episodes as much as we hoped – he was on set with us and Wilfred lives on. Bernard is much missed and much grieved for, but I am so excited that his final screen performance will be [one] I had the great honour of being part of and you’ll see it all on your screens.”

Indeed, we did spot Cribbins on location, being wheeled around by Tennant, so it will be a real joy to see Wilf again — and Bernard, of course, who is a much-loved part of the Doctor Who family and also the wider TV landscape. Quite an honour for Doctor Who.

Cribbins first appeared in 2007’s Voyage of the Damned before being brought back the following year as Donna Noble’s grandad for Series 4. He was a recurring character throughout that run of stories, then returned for the Tenth Doctor last tale, The End of Time (2009-10).

And of course, we can’t forget that he also played Tom Campbell in the Peter Cushing film, Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 AD!

“Wilfred lives on” is a fantastic thing to hear, and for many, Bernard does too, at least in our minds. How wonderful that we’ll see him on screen again in November.

Philip Bates

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David Tennant Confirms Doctor Who Will Be Bernard Cribbins’ Last TV Performance

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