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Kylie Minogue Says She’d Like to Return to Doctor Who as Astrid Peth

Kylie Minogue has hinted that she’d like to come back to Doctor Who as Astrid Peth, a role she originally played in 2007’s Voyage of the Damned.

When asked about her role in the Christmas special, Kylie recalled:

“[It was] so amazing to be in such a beloved show, and with David Tennant as the Doctor. Happy days.

“I wouldn’t mind if Astrid Peth came back, just saying.”

It was quite the coup, seeing Kylie in Doctor Who, though it’s common knowledge that she’s a big fan of the programme — heck, she even had Cybermen dancing alongside her during one of her touring shows!

Nonetheless, it’s pretty unlikely that Astrid would come back, seeing as the character died at the end of Voyage of the Damned and as we all know, in the worlds of Doctor Who, the dead always stay dead. Ahem.

Bringing in such a massive star, during a time when Doctor Who was at its most popular, certainly works for the show: Voyage of the Damned remains the most watched Christmas special ever (against some tough competition), with an astonishing 13.31 million viewers. Even though Doctor Who is set to be pretty darn huge again, we doubt festive figures are going to reach those heady heights again, which is a shame, but still testament to how popular the Tenth Doctor era really was with the general public.

Similarly, we doubt we’ll ever see Astrid again, but then, we didn’t think David Tennant and Catherine Tate would be back as the Doctor and Donna Noble respectively either, so…

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Kylie Minogue Says She’d Like to Return to Doctor Who as Astrid Peth

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