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Out Now: Doctor Who’s Magic — The Gathering Card Sets and Decks

The new Magic: The Gathering sets putting Doctor Who front and centre are available now.

These cards feature the Doctors, their companions, their foes, and more to you across four Commander decks. These all feature new-to-Magic cards, as well as reprints with new Doctor Who–themed art, allowing you to immerse your deck in the world of the Doctor.

Each Commander deck includes new cards that will be legal in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander, but are designed for the latter, accentuating the fun and social aspect of the format that players love.

The four decks feature Doctors grouped together from the show’s history. Blast From the Past features the first eight Doctors. Timey-Wimey highlights the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors. Paradox Power showcases the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors. And The Masters of Evil Commander deck contains many of the Doctor’s archnemeses throughout the show’s 60 years.

Each deck contains companions familiar to each Doctor and can be used in the Command Zone with any Doctor. Mechanics of the cards are also reflective of the show’s time period in the decks. Saga cards highlight fan-favorite shows from each Doctor’s run. Each deck contains 10 new-to-Magic plane cards.

You’ll also be able to collect special TARDIS showcase versions of several cards in this set. Only available in Collector Boosters, these give new artwork to cards from the Commander decks. You may further encounter special serialized Doctor cards in Collector Boosters. Extremely rare and extremely stylish, these printings of the Doctor are marked with their own serial number. Each card will receive only around 500 printings and can only be found in Collector Boosters.

The Dalek and the Weeping Angels have invaded the Secret Lair Spookydrop. Dalek land cards put the Doctors’ mechanical menace within (and sometimes looming over) the five mana landscapes. The Weeping Angel Secret Lair cards add an element of surprise and danger to any deck. Both drops are available now at the Secret Lair website.

Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who sets are out now from online retailers like Amazon, your local game store, and wherever Magic products are sold.

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Out Now: Doctor Who’s Magic — The Gathering Card Sets and Decks

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